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Location: Bulawayo Posted Date: 17 Jul 2019 at 17:31hrs
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Price: $200 Per 2
Stock feed supplement for your cattle.
What is molasses?
Molasses is a dark, sticky sweetener byproduct of sugar production, has been used as a supplement to livestock meals with good results for being a quick energy and rich mineral source for cattle, horses and even sheep and goats.

What are the benefits of molasses? 
1.will improve digestion of pastures/hay :note that Molasses is very sticky, which can help feed mixture be easier to eat for livestock.
2.Molasses can act as a catalyst for dairy cows to increase their milk production, 
3.help maintain body condition and appetite and result in less feed waste. 
4. It also has a natural tendency of increasing your animal’s energy. 
5 . Molasses  can help strengthen the overall bone structure of livestock and weight gain for cattle,

Mixture  of Molasses  with water  
-Thus(Dilution  ratio 5 litres  of molasses  to  20litres of water.
*** it shud  be noted  that  the  dilution of molasses  is approximately  1:4  but it depends  on  how  you  want  to  use  it  just  like  mazowe orange  crush dilution  depends  per  individual  but roughly  its  1:4
1litre molasses =4litres water. 

And  the  amount of  stock feed  to be used  with   the mixture  ratio of  1:4 of  molasses  it depends on what  you  are  going to  use grass /Stockfeed but  usually  it's  about  10-15 cattles  per every 1:4 ratio. 

Note that  these are estimates depends  on your personal use but  these  are  just  standards

Telephone: +263 784284262

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