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Douglasdale 4acres plot title deeds

Location: Bulawayo Posted Date: 09 Jun 2021 at 03:34hrs
Listed by: Nashie | 538 times


Price: 100K
-Irrigation system 
-X2 10,000 litter water tanks 
-100Metre solar borehole water 
-X2 roomed structure (Kitchen and storage)
-X2 fowl runs >The fowl runs can accommodate 6,0000 chicks on a cage system or 4,500 if deep litter system 
the other fowl run can house 3,500 chicks on a cage system or 2,500 on a deep litter system 

Size -4Acres
Value USD125,000 (including 3,000 chicks and cages or USD$100K without 
Deeds-Fully paid for but have not changed deeds but proof of payment available and will be very easy to put deeds name it costs about USD$2.5k to do that .

Telephone: +263774193143

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